Puurfect – right there

cat massage gif

If you want a puuurfect massage then get a cat to do it for you.

There is nothing like a good massage after a hard day doing nothing much

But if you try to move at the wrong time you may end up getting some acupuncture treatment as well…..

Wipe out!

skate board crash gif

Birds of a feather fall on their faces together……

The guy at the front is styl’n having a drink while leading the pack.

Unfortunately for everybody else the next in line gets the speed wobbles and takes his mates out – and I don’t mean for a nice meal, unless of course you like eating tarmac or grass…..

(If these guys had brains worth protecting – they would probably be wearing helmets to protect said brains).

Poor Pug

Want ball…….. Nearly reach it…….

Pugs are so ugly and awkward that they are cute.

This poor pup is finding out the disadvantage of short Pug legs

What do you want?

Gordon Ramsey

Ah Gordon Ramsey. Never subtle, and not the widest vocabulary.

However if you want to be sarcastic to somebody – feel free to send them this gif. Would make for a very harsh burn

Go get it!

You couldn’t time this more perfectly if you tried.

Total commitment from both Dog and camera person.

Great technique as well – never takes its eyes off the prize

I’m Hit!

Another classic Star Wars moment – with a bit of comic editing.

Ever tried driving while eating a burger and having a drink? Well imagine how hard it would be to strafe the Empires latest super weapon while having lunch, or a mid flight snack…

Mountain Biker vs. Antelope

No Antelopes were harmed in the making of this .gif

Can’t say the same for the Mountain Biker…..

This really happened in a profession Mountain Bike race in South Africa. Luckily the race was conducted in teams of two, so the rider had somebody to seek help for him after the clash.


No cats were harmed in the making of this GIF

It cracks me up watching this cat jump off the window sill. Looks like it is sky diving.

Apparently the cat had no intension of making it to the nearby balcony and was just jumping down onto the roof, in a rather hilarious fashion.


Han Solo and Princess Lea haveĀ  were about to run out with the last piece of pizza when Vadar claims theĀ  it for himself

Errr no that isn’t what really happens in the movie, but it makes for a nice spoof gif