A Pugs life

pug gif

It seems the curse of being a Pug, or any non athletic dog, is short legs.

Not only is running and jumping not their forte, but also reaching items you badly want on the table is extremely difficult.

Clearly the ultimate revenge for any Cat is to grab a toy of the their dog-enemy and place it one foot from the edge of the coffee table. Then sit there like you don’t have a care in the world….


pandabreaking tree gif

“Why did the Panda fall out of the tree?”

There could be a multitude of answers to this question. I never expected

” Because it was scratching its butt on a dead branch” to be one of them.

I don’t think I have ever seen a Panda successfully get down from a tree it has been climbing in without some sort of sudden gravity assistance being involved.


I bet I can

basketball mascot gif

The competition between mascot can be just as fierce as they teams they represent.

But the rules of competition and victory aaaaren’t as well defined…..

Rule #1 of being a Mascot – don’t trust other Mascots.

You what?

pug stare gif

What did this Pug just hear to deserve giving this stare?

  • “We don’t have time to go to the Park”
  • “Give it to the Cat instead”
  • “We are actually going to the Vet”
  • “The dog smells, time for a bath”

No – Just no

shaking head in shock gif

Sometimes it all just gets too much and you don’t know what to do next

Like when you are hosting a tv game show with unpredictable guests.

“How am I meant to recover from this one ??? !!! ??? ”

Committed defense

kids soccer gif

In sport we get taught to be committed, never give up, and to use our heads.

This kid has to get player of the day for displaying these qualities.

I see pro players who don’t put their bodies on the line like this.

Toilet training

pug stuck in the toilet gif

Does anything look as sad and pathetic as a Pug stuck in the toilet?

We’ve all had that awkward moment when going to the toilet in the middle of the night and somebody left the toilet seat up.

At least we don’t get out feet wet as well when we fall in the toilet.

Commitment in failure

basket ball fail gif

If you are going to fail, at least commit and people will respect your effort.

I bet he was a bigger crowd pleaser than anybody else who attempt this half time break challenge.

And I meant “bigger crowd pleaser” in terms of pleasing the crowd more – what did you think I meant?

You’re not helping

falling pandas gif

Baby Pandas do actually play fight quite a bit, so I’m beating the 2nd panda is really quite responsible for the first panda falling out of the tree.

Then to rub it in complete clumsiness has result in falling on top of its cub mate just to add to the insult.

Maybe these sorts of relationships directly effect the fact that adult Pandas are solitary animals.

Skate Dawg

skateboard dog

Oooohhhhh Yeeeaaaah. Tongue sticking out to the side for added stylz

How do you teach a dog to ride a skateboard?

Does it have any other tricks like a kick sit, or a no hands manual grind?