Funky Chicken

You put you left claw in. You take your left claw out.

You do the funky chicken and you flap it all about.

(This tune will likely be stuck in your head for the rest of the day now…)

Little Killer

This kitten certainly has killer instincts.

But is yet to refine its art.

I’m sure in the not too distant future this gorgeous little fluff ball will be bringing it’s humans “gifts” on a regular basis.

Attentive Pugs

Anyone who has owned a pug is aware of this habit.

For some reason the breed has a need to rotate it’s head to the side when paying close attention to their humans.

The middle Pug is clearly very interested in what is being said.

Small Town Cop Problems

chasing chicken gif

“This is cruiser 1 requesting backup.”

“Thats a big 10-4. We have a disrespectful Chicken resisting arrest”

“Sending backup to outside the old McDonald farm”


Ambition vs. Execution

cat jump fail gif

It doesn’t matter what your ambition is in life – how you execute is always more important than your goals.

It also helps to go after your goals when younger – because many things like jumping become harder as you get older.

Toilet Humor

The world’s most powerful toilet
It flushes carrots
It flushes chess pieces
It flushes golf balls
it flushes hotdogs
It flushes a big bowl of dog food

What more could you want in the worlds most powerful toilet?

This is world class marketing – but will this business eventually go down the toilet as well?

Chinese Proverb

There has to be a Chinese Proverb that goes with this

Confucius says “Why flap wings, when chicken can just ride turtle”

That’s deep man, really deep.

Bad Panda

panda trashing office

Baby Pandas might be cute, adorable, and clumsy.

But when they get older they are aggressive and grumpy.

You do not want a Panda as you boss.

playing with food

kitten and duckling gif

“Mum look it just stands there when I do this”

“Tom! stop playing with your dinner!”

and you thought this was a cute picture……

That’s a Biggin

chcicken flapping gif

Not often do you see a big black cockerel like this on Australian morning news.

Clearly this guy does not know how to handle it either.

When it comes to TV news entertainment – yet again it’s not how big it is that matters, it’s what you do with it that counts. That chook just sitting there was boring – going flapping mad and scaring the $#!+ out of the reporter was far more entertaining.