Never trust again

This kid will likely have trust issues for the rest of their life:

“Here try this awesome food you’ve never eaten before”

“No way! My parents once feed me a piece of Lemon as baby then laughed and laughed at the faces I made”……

Stupid computer

Computers are great when they do as they are told.

But we all know how this hard working Baboon feels when a computer isn’t behaving.

That is a PC he is using, shame, as he knows more about Apples.

Hello Mr Powers

austin powers gif

There are so many inappropriate things I could say about this famous scene from the original Austin Powers movie.

I’m sure Austin himself could come up with a few him self if he weren’t having to doge the bullets fired by the Killer Fem Bots.

Box Sliding

cat gif

This is the most committed cat I have seen when it comes to getting into a box.

But how does he get back out again?

But then cats do seemed to be more interested in getting into boxes than back out again.

funny gifs

Box diving

cat gif

You buy your cat a new toy, and all they want to do is get in the box the toy came in

This cat has the most determination I’ve seen to get into a new box

Unfortunately for him, even cats have to obey the laws of physics

Me so pretty

” Smile and turn, look at the camera not the waves”

Bad idea. This was actually for a fashion shoot, she wasn’t just posing to get the attention of the cute life guard.

Now her whole bikini modelling career is likely to be remembered by this 1 second.

Temper Temper

Djokovic Williams federa

Even the best loose their cool some times.

But the crowd loves a good boil over on the court.

But they are meant to go out there and smash the opposition not their expensive tennis racquets.

Glass Licker

Can we make predictions for the future of this child already?

Well no. The tongue feeds more information to the brain than nearly any other part of the body. That is why babies love sticking everything in their month.

Don’t ask me what this kid is trying to figure out though….